Zehra started Belfiore Herbal in late 2019 after some fun experimentation with the lavender grown in her backyard. 

Being all scientists in the family, and at the same time...pseudo-farmers (yes, we call the backyard garden our ‘farm’). After turning all the garden vegetables into a variety of creative cuisines, Zehra focused her attention on what to do with all the beautiful lavender growing in her backyard. Inspiration struck when touring the weekend farmers markets - seeing the bushels of lavender and simple cosmetics made from them. Zehra reached back to her bioscience experience to create something for skincare using all natural plant based ingredients, from items (especially lavender) available right in her backyard.

There were some early mornings to harvest, late nights to formulate, and a family to support, but through a few iterations (and some grit) she created a few creams that were a hit among her family, friends and community.

Zehra was motivated to change the paradigm - creams that contain collagen will not penetrate your dermis, and current main-stream products have ingredients that can clog pores instead of helping build healthy skin. Therefore, for truly healthy skin, it needs to feed and support the existing collagen in your skin, on the cellular level. Belfiore products contain all-natural ingredients that help your body synthesize healthy skin cells to reduce discoloration and wrinkles.  

At Belfiore Herbal, we make sure to use everything we grow, and let nothing go to waste. All ingredients chosen for the Belfiore Herbal skincare products have a specific purpose in making your skin as healthy as possible, on the cellular level.