Belfiore Herbal Body Skin Care

Putting your best face forward is usually what we are going for...but it doesn’t end here.

When thinking about how we care for our skin, we typically think about our face! But to face the truth, skincare doesn’t have to - and shouldn’t - just be for our face. Healthy skin from a cellular basis is for glowing skin all over your body. 

Sure - Some of our favorite and most popular skincare products are our famous Lavender Night Cream, which leaves your face hydrated and supple all throughout the night, or our Eye Renewal Cream, which focuses on nourishing the sensitive skin around the eyes. When it comes to a daily skincare routine, though, it is important to cleanse and moisturize all over!

Our new Moisturizing Body Cream is a one-of-a-kind ultra-hydrating lotion that can be used on the hands and body to lock in moisture and make your skin glow all day. The unique formula perfectly smooths and firms skin from head to toe. As with all of our skincare products, its calming scent of lavender adds a luxurious touch that we can’t get enough of.

After a hot shower, locking in moisture is important for healthy looking and feeling skin. Enrich your body with nutrients from only the finest ingredients. Replenish the body’s natural barrier and the skin’s protective biome. Smooth all over your body for instant hydration, and add to hands as needed throughout the day. 

Hydrate your skin with the unique blend of locally sourced, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

Soothe your skin with lavender infused grapeseed oil, which is grown right in our garden. 

Enrich your skin with the moisturizing shea butter that gives this lotion its velvety texture.

Replenish your skin with the nutrients it needs to look and feel healthy and smooth to the touch.

Applying moisturizer to your face regularly helps to prevent breakouts, fight signs of aging, and soothes and hydrates skin for a supple and youthful glow. The same benefits happen to the rest of your body when regularly applying moisturizer, too. Especially in the chillier winter months, the skin can become dry and cracked without the added hydration.

So next time you’re thinking of skipping that all-over lotion application or think you only need to retain moisture in your face - think again!

For a healthy all-over skincare routine, use code BELFIORE10 for 10% off any of our skincare products.

September 14, 2021 — Rohit Murthy