Our first regional press!

This past month the most amazing thing happened - we received our first bit of press from a regional magazine: 110mag

Check out our piece here: 


"The Belfiore Herbal team cares for the growth of all the plants from seeds to harvest, always maintaining full control."

" Zehra dove deep into research and came to three important steppingstones for formulation of her products. She already grows all the botanicals required to create plant-derived vitamins A, B, C, D, and E (which are all integral to cell health). Each ingredient within each product should have a function to build healthy cells and a healthy extracellular matrix for new cells to thrive in. Each product should match the skin’s lipid structure, be pH balanced, and non-comedogenic (will not clog pores) to allow the nourishing vitamins a pathway into the skin cells. 

The science community is tight-knit, and Zehra loved sharing her formulations with her fellow USCF scientists to get their input. She valued their feedback and brought all her test and lab notebooks to explain her methods and formulas to ensure her three steps of formulation were correctly executed. Clearly, Zehra was going in the right direction, as some of the top dermatologists and professors at the cutting edge of research were impressed with the quality, content, and methods of her formulations. "

This article is a modification of our presshook profile, and we’re thrilled someone found our story interesting enough to write about!!

February 13, 2022 — Rohit Murthy