2022 !
Zehra/mom and I in our backyard farm in December 2021 - the planter boxes are lavender (out of season for the winter) and the plants surrounding us on the terrace are rosemary - both key ingredients to all our products! 



Hi everyone, my name is Rohit and I am Zehra (Belfiore Herbal’s founder and mastermind scientist)’s youngest son.


While I handle our brand marketing and operations (DTC and retail), most of my time is actually spent translating my mom’s genius for botanicals, cell and molecular biology and skincare into terms the rest of us can understand:


For example:

  • Carotenol vs. Retinol (which, fun fact, is always animal-derived) 
  • The types of cells in the epidermis (Carotinoytes, melanocytes, langerhans and merkel cells)
  • How cells get healthy by proper cell division (This is through vitamin A facilitated rNA division that produces collagen through translocation)
  • The extracellular matrix
  • The function of antioxidants in dead cell removal

The past 2 years since we first conceived the vision for Belfiore Have been all growth and learning. Everything from customer research, competitor analysis, label design, how to market a brand on social media, PR, requirements for manufacturing, INCI for labels, influencer marketing, and the wildly complex world of CPG products. What started as a science project using the lavender in our backyard took us from some family and friends testing and a few farmers markets to experiences like shooting an incredible campaign for International Women’s day and even an opportunity to pitch to Whole Foods! 

One of our biggest wins came earlier this year when we purchased 11 acres of land in Brentwood, CA, to turn into fields of lavender! More updates to come on this later! 

For 2022, we have a new look, new products, and a new vision for Belfiore Herbal. We are proud to continue to be part of the Adit portfolio of indie beauty brands and part of the Good Face Project. You’ll see us go hard for influencer marketing and PR, and be really active on social media. We’ve built some pretty amazing partnerships around the Bay Area and will continue to strengthen those. 

I also want to let you all know that we started this company to help people. Not just help people feel beautiful, but create a larger, real impact to help those with learning disabilities, women in shelters, and those who go hungry each day. While the exact path to making that social impact is unclear now, we will stay true to the vision. 

We are still learning and growing everyday. I’m going to use this blog going forward to continue to translate some of my mother’s genius for the rest of us, and I hope you find some value in these translations and give the Belfiore Herbal products a try! 

- Rohit

January 01, 2022 — Rohit Murthy