Happy International Women's Day!

This year, Belfiore Herbal is celebrating the successes of these women. The ones who let the challenging world around them inspire them. 

Belfiore Herbal officially was founded in early 2020, the company was in the works for years beforehand. It’s founder, Zehra Murthy, is a brilliant woman that has been growing and experimenting with the home-grown lavender from her backyard. She began creating one-of-a-kind skincare that was a hit among her family and friends, and would eventually become her business. 

The odds of launching a successful business at what would unknowingly be the very start of a global pandemic is not an easy task for any. For Zehra, who is an older woman, it was even more of a challenge. Still, she continued to work hard, striving for the business to launch.

The company was born from passion and the love of lavender and life. Belfiore Herbal stands for gender equality and strives to empower other women to turn their dreams into reality. Zehra and the Belfiore Herbal team want to highlight International Women’s Day because it is an important day to celebrate the accomplishments and raise awareness to gender equality. Belfiore Herbal skincare is proud to support ALL women, not only by helping them feel and look their best, but by sharing their stories and highlighting diversity.

So who is Zehra? She is a scientist and pseudo-farmer (yes, we call the backyard garden our ‘farm’) from India. She immigrated to the United States in 1976 to complete her postdoctoral studies in biology and genetics at UCSF. She has decades of experience in animal and plant biology and genetics. She took a brief hiatus from research to raise two boys, and held a number of other jobs during that time. Now that her family is older, she wanted to start her own business. Zehra started Belfiore Herbal to help women achieve truly healthy skin from the cellular level. 

Zehra always loved to experiment with her crops from her “farm.” She would often use the vegetables in her garden to make delicious meals for her family, and would later begin experimenting using the lavender for creams and skincare products. After a ton of trial and error, the formulas have been perfected to enhance your skin. The scent of the home-grown lavender is reminiscent of where it all began. Now, there is a complete line for the perfect morning or night regime. 

International Women’s Day is a day where we acknowledge the powerful and influential women like Zehra. 

The ones who do the impossible. 

The ones who make something out of nothing. 

The ones who do it when others have doubt. 

The ones who are strong, and believe in themselves. 

The minorities, from age to race, who empower their peers. 

This year, Belfiore Herbal is celebrating the successes of these women. The ones who let the challenging world around them inspire them. 

Happy International Women’s Day. How will you choose to challenge?

March 08, 2021 — Rohit Murthy